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On my journey to discover how I can give my clients the best results, I began developing an understanding about what makes a brand successful. These tips are a guide to making sure that your brand will get you recognised! These tips have have been featured on my Instagram (@conniemeekmedia) - give me a follow if you haven't already (I'll be forever thankful!)

So here goes - 5 TIPS for successful branding


What is our identity? What sets you apart from the rest? Think about a supermarket... There are numerous places you could go to get your bread & milk, but you usually decide to shop in the same place. Maybe it's just for convenience. But maybe it is because Asda vows to 'do it cheaper' than anyone else. Or maybe it's because Waitrose offer great customer service. So what is your special identity? Your brand should reflect who you really are.

TIP 2...

Your vision. Everyone has a vision. It's the images inside your head that cultivate when you fantasise about your dream job or your perfect home. So when it comes to your brand, what do you envisage yourself looking like to your customers? Maybe you want to be approachable and friendly, and therefore you'll use chattier language when you advertise yourself. It's important to find a deeper meaning that the product you sell. Everyone has to make a living, but you don't want to shove your product in their face. You want them to come to you.

TIP 3...

Visual elements are commonly represented as the most important aspect of your brand. Yes - you might have nailed what your vision is for your business, you may know what your special identity is, but if you don't have stunning designs to support this... you may as well go back to square one. Humans are visual beings. We like to see colour. I must admit, my profession has led me to be a bit of a visual snob, I know what I like and what I don't like. I'll tell you now I really don't like pixelated artwork... We are better than that people!! If you are going to DIY your design, at least don't pixelate the poor thing! You got this - I believe in you!

TIP 4...

Do you even know who you're selling to? They want to know that you know who they are. They want to feel understood. The sooner you begin to understand who your target audience is, the sooner your brand will begin to slip into place. Trust me, it becomes a lot easier to develop a brand when you have an idea of what your customers want to see.

TIP 5...

Everyone deserves loyalty. You deserve loyal customers and your customer (most importantly) deserve a loyal service. If you are going to create a brand that is meaningful and successful, you need to bring that successful attitude to the table and be that voice for your customers. They want to be able to trust you. Once you've reached that point - you've developed a successful brand. Congratulations!

Until we speak again, Connie x

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." - Walt Disney


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