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This month marks one year of me taking the plunge as a full-time freelance, WOW. What a year!

I'm tremendously grateful to have remained busy throughout the year and I cannot express my gratitude to the clients that chose me to work with them.

This year I have learned a lot about myself AND the industry that I work in. Some harsh realities, some ridiculous thoughts, some big expenses, but most importantly, some very very happy clients!

So here are some projects from this year in my Graphic Design sector that have been a triumph for myself & my client:



Kris decided it was time for her successful business to have a re-vamp! Kris began the Lash & Brow Workshop as a sole trader which has since grown into an eco-friendly product shop and an education centre for lash artists with a full blown studio space! We designed her brand with the colours of her studio in mind to come up with a concept that is smart, bold & meaning business!



Adam approached me to help him re-design his brand after he changed the name of his established business. His original logo was a DIY job and he saw the name change as a good opportunity to change his brand too. We used his original colour palette of orange and grey to come up with a new, modern, sleek & bold design whilst keeping the simplicity.



After taking over the business from his Dad, Theo decided to give the 40 year established business a new look. He realised the importance of brand and got in touch. He wanted to keep the blue that is already associated with Motorquip but come up with a new design that stands out. We are also working on branding his side business that operates from the same location, and so we are sure to keep the synchronicity between the two brands.



From the small projects to the larger and longer projects, I've enjoyed getting to know all my clients and their businesses. I've really enjoyed the challenges of creating something that they are proud of. I've enjoyed putting their thoughts and dreams into an actual solid piece of work. When I hear someone say, "YES! That's exactly what I had in mind!" It makes me very happy.

I've also grown my Instagram platform. I started the year with 100(ish) followers. I now have 625! Yes, It's not exactly in the Kim Kardashian 193 MILLION range - but still. That's 500 people that didn't know about me at the beginning of the year!


To begin with, I struggled if I thought about how I was going to fill my time with work if I didn't actually have any work. When I was thinking about quitting my job as a booking manager to go freelance, my Dad insisted that I 'have my lifeboat ready'. Basically, don't jump overboard into the unknown by going from earning a set wage to earning nothing, because nobody knows that you exist as a freelance creative (yet!). I felt myself getting desperate the leave the job that was making me unhappy, so I leaped into the water without a lifeboat in sight.

I definitely struggled keeping my head above the water to begin with, especially because I quit job right before Christmas. I went into the New Year with some kind of strategy, but not really. I didn't really have a game plan. But I felt happy that I was free from employment. Fast forward to 12 months later, I feel I am now casually back stroking, floating, enjoying the water! In another 12 months, I'd like to be making more pace and actually moving through the water with more of goal in mind. But for now I'm enjoying the floating. OK - enough of the lifeboat/water analogy! But it is a good way for me to feel where I have come from where I was!

The biggest limiting factor for me has been self-doubt. I think it's something that you automatically sign up for when you decide to go freelance. I would commonly have thoughts like, "How do I even get work?!" "There is someone better than me." "What if they don't like what I do for them."... Luckily, with every day/week/month that goes by, these thoughts get less and less. I have grown as a professional more than I could have hoped for, and I am actually now considering myself as a high contender in this game. That is something I'm very proud of.

Until we speak again, Connie x

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." - Walt Disney


Please find me on all the socials you'd expect to find anyone these days. I appreciate the support!

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